Geo-Textile and Coir Products

If you love nature and would like a friendly product that produced above the soil, for all sorts of soil application, development, bio-engineering, this is the one of the finest material on earth.

Sizes available

Densities from 400 to 1400 g/sqm, the Rolls are 50 m, and the Width 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 m.

Product Number
(gram per cubic meter)
Roll Length
H2M1 650 50
H2M2 700 50
H2M3 875 50
H2M4 1400 50
H2M5 740 50
H2M6 400 50
H2M7 1250 50
H2M8 700 50
H2M9 900 50

Coir Geo-Textiles - in densities form 400 to 1,400 g /sq.m. Width 1-4 meters.This range of different mesh mattings is available, meeting varying requirements:
  • matting density to meet soil pressure;
  • open surface percentage, allowing for new growth of vegetation;
  • capacity to control surface water;
  • requirements on micro climate;
  • requirements on landscape design;

A higher density means a tighter mesh and less open area in the netting. Coir Geo Textiles are Bio-Degradable and is Eco-friendly


Field of Application

  • Water Course bed, Mining fields and Waste- Dump
  • Areas, Dams, Air fields, Golf course, Ski Slopes and Ski lift track
  • Erodable Sea Shores, Noise control bank, Defense Installments,
  • Cutting and hill side slopes

Advantages of Coir Products

  • Coir 100% natural and will be decayed
  • Very effective to stop soil erosion
  • For civil works and landscaping
  • Stabilisation of slopes, embankment of river, road, rail etc.
  • For nursery beds and shades
  • For new lawns. Soil and seeds will not be washed away.
  • Safety barriers. Civil work sites, streams and creeks.
  • Secure rubbish on the way to ti p. Avoid penalty by not littering.
  • Secure soft soil, lawns, farms to care the land.
  • Several other use for land care.
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